Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

With about 55.000 new cases annually mammary carcinoma is the most prevalent malignant tumor in women.

The chances of a cure for breast cancer are good – provided the disease is diagnosed in an early stage and treated. Which early detection methods do we have? Who do they apply to? And how does it proceed – when the finding is positive? informs you comprehensively about all aspects: about various therapy methods and their possible consequences. We will be talking with experts: gynecologists, oncologist and psychologists. But especially with women that relate their personal experiences in coping with the disease.

*(Source: Robert Koch Institute)

Latest Broadcast: Radiotherapy

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Today we’d like to embrace irradiation or radiotherapy in breast cancer.

Drug Therapy of Tumors

The most familiar is certainly chemotherapy, although antibody therapy or immunotherapy serves yet another method for a good while now. How these therapies work and which patients they are applicable to – these and more on more...

Surgery and Breast Reconstruction

How breast-conserving surgery is performed, to which patients it is applicable and why sometimes the entire breast must be removed – all that here and now at more...

Early Detection and Diagnostics

In our first broadcast we introduce to you all early detection measures – palpation at the gynecologist’s, mammography screening and ultrasound examination. We explain further diagnostics step by step and speak of risk factors. more...