Prostate Cancer

Health Day Straelen

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The significance of cancer is steadily increasing. The numbers have been rising for years, on the one hand because of the demographic development, on other hand because of changed nutritional habits and living conditions. Among women the mammary carcinoma, that is breast cancer, takes the first place, among men it is the prostate carcinoma. Among both sexes intestinal cancer rates are increasing. But there are early detection examinations for all three tumor forms which can detect and heal the cancer.

But unfortunately still far too few people make use of these early detection examinations. Especially men are quite unwilling to do check-ups, only every fourth man goes to prostate examinations on a regular basis. That is why education is more important than ever, especially in rural areas. The prostate support group Wachtendonk-Wankum organizes health days on a regular basis: The focus is on education and information around the issue of cancer. Everything about the health day 2009 in Straelen - now here on!